Light Bearing IWB Holster


Our Light Bearing Holsters are Designed to fit each firearm and light combo specifically. Each holster is fit to match the exact measurements of the combination specifically.

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Sig Sauer P365 X Macro W/ TLR7A, Glock 17 W/ Streamlight TLR1, Glock 17 W/ Streamlight TLR9, Glock 17 W/ Surefire X300, Glock 19 W/ Streamlight TLR1, Glock 19 W/ Streamlight TLR9, Glock 19 W/ Surefire X300, Glock 19 W/ TLR7A, Glock 34 W/ Streamlight TLR1, Glock 34 W/ Surefire X300, Glock 34 W/ TLR9, Glock 43x W TLR6, Glock 43x W/ Surefire XSC, Glock 48 W/ Surefire XSC, Glock 48 W/TLR6, P365 X Macro W/ TLR7 Sub, Sig Sauer P320 W/ Streamlight TLR1, Sig Sauer P320 W/ Surefire X300, Sig Sauer P320C W/ Streamlight TLR7A, Sig Sauer P365 W/ Surefire XSC, Sig Sauer P365XL W/ Surefire XSC, Springfield Hellcat Pro W/ TLR7A, Staccato C2 W/ Streamlight TLR1, Staccato C2 W/ Streamlight TLR7A


Left, Right

Kydex Material

Black Carbon Fiber, Coyote Carbon Fiber, Dont Tread On Me, FDE Carbon Fiber, FJB #LETSGOBRANDON, Lets Go Brandon, Matte Black, OD Green Carbon Fiber, We The People Constitution


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